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With TransCrypt, all you need to send money around the world is a Telegram username

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Manage your assets at the touch of your fingertip with TransCrypt. Convenient. Secure. From anywhere.

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We combined the freedom of cryptocurrency transfers with standard banking practices and added the advantages of messengers.

Send and receive any amount of crypto or fiat currencies right from the chat of your favorite messenger, for example, Telegram.

Forget typing or pasting wallet addresses, all you need is a contact name or Telegram username.

See full transactions details - who you paid and what for.

Easily manage your recurring payments with Favorites.

Use any messenger you like.*"

*We are working on integrations with most popular messengers on the market."

Future of TransCrypt is Captivating... Literally

On the way to creating a global financial ecosystem

Instant transactions in crypto and national currencies directly in the chat
Transactions in crypto and fiat
Multi-currency wallet
Integration with popular instant messengers
Purchase and conversion of cryptocurrency
Instant fiat cross-border transactions
Investment in cryptocurrencies or digital assets
Multi-currency blockchain Tizer
Exchange orders for professional traders

Our mission

Our mission is to give everyone a tool to manage their future net worth. We do not just simplify access to technology. By making cryptocurrency a means of daily payments on a mass market scale, we contribute to the stability of the entire cryptocurrency sector.

TransCrypt presents TSR — ERC20 standard token, based on the Ethereum smart contract. After the transition of the TransCrypt platform to its own Tizer blockchain, the Ethereum token will be exchanged for a Tizer standard token at a 1:1 ratio.

TSR tokens are intended for use in the TransCrypt ecosystem. TSR token holders will have a privileged status and will have the widest access to the functions of the TransCrypt ecosystem.

The owners of the tokens will be able to:
  • Apply for a discount on commission charges
  • 1000 TSR - 10% discount
  • 10 000 TSR - 20% discount
  • 50 000 - 25% discount
  • Pay commission charges with TSR tokens (up to 100% of commission)
  • Issue new TSR coins using even your mobile phone
  • Exchange a token at a fixed discount when buying physical shares of TransCrypt
  • Create key nodes of the Tizer blockchain and get rewards for their work.
1 TSR = 0.001ETH
Hard cap
10,000,000 TSR
Minimum amount
200 TSR
Pre-sale start
April 30, 2018
Pre-sale end
May 27, 2018

Token Distribution

60% Token disribution
20% Reserve fund
20% Team & advisers

Use of funds

  • 51.13%
  • 16.43%
    PR and marketing
  • 16.43%
    Legal expenses, including consultancy services and financial licenses
  • 7.32%
    IT infrastructure
  • 5.18%
    Finance center
  • 0.97%
    General operating expenses
  • 5.00%
    Unforeseen expenses



We Found an Easy Way of Managing Finances and Wanted to Share With You

Nick Machulis
15+ years of experience in project management and business development in the field of payment systems, charging systems, fintech products, retail.
Lena Deshpit
PR & marketing
Specializes in promoting startups, was responsible for digital marketing at YURBURO and Was involved with international PR at Okko, and with retail and branding at Okko and Yota. Believes that you don’t always need huge budgets for quality marketing.
Alexander Volosovik
Director of DevOps
For more than 11 years, has been designing and ensuring performance increases and optimization of scalable systems. Experience in *NIX, Zabbix, Git, Mercurial, Jenkins, Gerrit, Crucible, Atlassian, system integration, and implementation of corporate infrastructure (AD, GPO, DNS, DHCP, DFS; VPN, Radius, RDP, cryptographic means).
Ivan Smurov
Art Director
For more than 10 years, has been creating excellent designs for Yota, Otkritie Bank, Yurburo,
Alexander Margiani
Product Owner
Leading the product through design, development and maintenance.
Roman Steinert
QA Lead
TransCrypt mobile and web apps quality assurance. Manual and automated testing.
Olga Bolshakova
Lead Designer
Responsible for graphical and web-design, animation and branding. Knows how to create beautiful things.
Dmitriy Pechnikov
Development Team Lead
Python programming. TransCrypt back end, client APIs, third-party service integration development.

We Create an Economic Reality Others Date not Even Dream of

Our team has over 50 members. That is a total of:

250 years

of work with payment systems

300 years

of apps' development

over 100

products created

The Advisers

Nathan Christian
Blockchain Expert
Technical expert in Blockchain-based accounting and financial applications
Jon Matonis
Blockchain and Payment platform Adviser
Founding Director of Bitcoin Foundation
Alexander Epin
Marketing & product adviser
CEO & Owner TMG Russia
Alexander Voskoboinikov
Business Development
BCCO DengiOnline
Robert Jarva
Investors Relations
President at Corporate Resource Group
David Drake
Marketing & Invetor Relations Adviser
Founder and Chairman at LDJ Capital


Dec 2017
Project concept description
Jan 2018
Core team hiring
April 2018
TransCrypt Android app beta release.
May 2018
Telegram integration. Ethereum wallets
June 2018
Ethereum transfers. TransCrypt Android app public release. TransCrypt iOS app beta release
July 2018
TransCrypt iOS app public release
August 2018
Bitcoin Cash wallets and transfers
September 2018
Litecoin wallets and transfers
October 2018
Ripple wallets and transfers
November 2018
PCI DSS certification
December 2018
EMI license
February 2019
Public ICO
Q1 2019
Fiat transfers. Tizer Blockchain MVP launch