1. How do I purchase tokens?
    In order to purchase TSR tokens you need to:
    1. Register an account
    2. Complete client identification
    3. Apply for token purchase
  2. Is the KYC procedure compulsory for token purchase?
    Yes, the identification procedure is compulsory both for individuals and for businesses.
  3. What is the minimum/maximum number of tokens that I can buy?
    We provide the option to make an unlimited number of applications, but keep in mind that not 100% of them will probably be accepted.
  4. Can I pay for tokens using fiat currency?
    Yes, we accept bitcons (BTC), ethereum (ETH) and bank payments (for the latter you will additionally need to contact us).
  5. How do I transfer tokens to my wallet?
    After purchasing tokens, they will be transferred to the system’s internal wallet and will not be able to be moved for one month. Tokens will be displayed in your account. After one month, the tokens can be transferred to your ERC20-standerd wallet, with payment of the network’s transfer commission.
  6. How will the funds collected be distributed?
    All funds collected will be distributed in the following way:
    PR & marketing
    Legal costs
    IT infrastructure
    Financial center
    General running costs
    Unforeseen expenses
  7. Can I buy tokens if I am a US citizen?
    Please have a look at our White Paper and consult a lawyer.
  8. When will the application be released?
    The application will be available for download from the AppStore and Google Play this summer. Beta testing (by request) will start within a month.
  9. Why can you make an application?
    Our team includes professionals that have worked on dozens of payment applications and tools, blockchain experts, and developers of high-load systems.
  10. Are you a scam?
    No of course not, and you can see that for yourself. We have passed ScamGuard verification, which has allowed us to place the corresponding badge on our website.
  11. Do you have a bounty campaign?
    No, we decided not to organize a bounty campaign at the Private Token Sale stage.
  12. Are you planning an IPO?
    Yes, an IPO in our roadmap for the second quarter of 2020.
  13. Is there a discount for buying tokens?
    No, there are no discounts, but you will be awarded with bonuses, depending on the purchase amount.
  14. What is TransCrypt?
    TransCrypt is an ecosystem for the circulation of crypto- and national currencies, which includes an easy-to-use app for payments and transfers, a tool for investments, a product for retailers that allows accepting cryptocurrency as a payment and financial products marketplace.
  15. What is the main functionality of TransCrypt?
    • Multicurrency wallet;
    • Multicurrency tizer blockchain;
    • Fast transactions in crypto- and national currencies, including from the chat window;
    • ntegration with popular messengers;
    • Unique IBAN accounts for each user (both for individuals and for businesses);
    • Purchase and sale of cryptocurrency;
    • Payments anywhere using TransCrypt card;
    • Day-to-day payments in shops and restaurants by card or using NFC phone;
    • Instant cross-border fiat transactions;
    • Investments in cryptocurrencies or digital assets;
    • Exchange orders for professional traders;
    • B2B payments and POS systems.
  16. How safe is your application?
    We use industry security standards in our application and constantly improve the application’s protection technologies.